Monday, January 18, 2010


I love making spontaneous decisions. By spontaneous I mean an hour mindless chit chat which WILL end up to be a 'life-changing' decision. Sometimes, it could upset people because they wanna know my plans well in advance. No, I don't have a 5 or 10 years life plan. My plans happen so spontaneously. Follow the flow has always been my principal in life, because that's how my parents have brought me up. As far as I can say, they've not made any mistakes in their decision making. So, if I say I want something, I'll try and make it happen there and then.

I also believe that money can be found anywhere, yes, if you work for it that is hahaha. It is possible to find some money under ur sofa or in between some books, point is, you have to get off your arse and look for it! It doesn't just come out of nowhere. At least that hasn't happened to me yet. Hehehe To me, there's no point stressing out about whether there's enough money or not, because however rich you are it's just never enough. We are human being and are not easily pleased. If I were to wait till I have enough money than only start my life, that may be too late and will only end up with lots of regrets and what ifs!

So far by making spontaneous plans I have managed to have blissful marriage and an adorable baby boy, with no regrets at all. Alhamdulillah! If I was one of those who would go 'I can't get married coz tak cukup duit!' I think I'll never get married and live happily ever after. Just take the plunge and work your way through it. After all life is all about adventure! :)

So, over the weekend, I was blabbing to mom, dad, bro and sis-in-law about wanting to do a Childminder course because I'm just bored of staying home doing nothing. It's been 1 year since I've been jobless and trust me, I haven't been doing anything beneficial with myself. Yes, SAHM is the best but at the moment my baby just sleep and sleeps. Hehehe Until it's time to start teaching him, I think it's fair to give myself some break and later on full concentration on him. Anyway, as the conversation proceeded, my sis-in-law advised me that it's not easy to start a childminding business even if I'm childminder certified. It may be difficult to get them to certify our house up to a chidlminder standard. You see, our house is filled with loads of tidbits which just attract the kids even more. So it's easier to get a new house rather than child proofing our current house (which costs A LOT of money!). Then my Dad asked, "why don't you take up a Masters course instead or even PGCert, if you only want to study for a few months". Since my Dad is working for an institute which is associated with Gloucestershire Uni, he knows the ins and outs of each course. He then recommended me to do MEd in Islamic Education. I thought, hey that's a good opportunity coz it's a broader course and if I plan to work, I can teach at Primary until University level (not that I'm eyeing to be a lecturer, teacher is still ok). At least I'm not only stuck to caring for babies/toddlers. Best part is, there's an Islamic girls school just 5 minutes walk from our house.

After that conversation, I just left it as it is because I only thought about it in that split second. Also, I have to discuss with the dear hubby before deciding on anything. I think Iskandar has passed the stage where he'll say "you didn't discuss with me first before telling the family!" Because he knows I think and decide at the same time. So he has to follow my flow as well. Hehehe After discussing, we agreed that it's ok for me to continue my studies if that's what I'm keen on doing.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with the registrar to find out more about the course and fees. And if all is OK, I'll be starting the course on the 3rd week of Feb.

Now comes the most important bit..... It's been ages since I EBM. How am I gonna start doing it? I find expressing really stressful even if I can get 4oz in just 10mins. Although I'm not sure how much I can get now since I haven't been expressing. Another thing is, my letdown on left is literally just drips. Unlike my right, it sprays in just 5 secs. Will I be able to pump and stock up? Nowadays, Khairaldin drinks at about 10am, 4pm and 9pm. So really, if I have to stock up it will only be for the 10am and 4pm ish. My classes may be running from 10:30am to 4pm. I don't think it's an everyday lessons though. Is it still possible to get any milk out even after it's just producing 'drops'? I need to google and learn more on this before I leave him behind.

The even worse part, he's NEVER voluntarily drink from his bottle! I always had to force him and he never finish up! So, hubby and I have to find the perfect bottle for him and maybe get him to get used to bottlefeeds.

We see how it goes tomorrow. If all goes well, I'll be shopping for my stationaries and Khairaldin's bottle gadgets!! *beams*

By the way, please pray that the study goes smoothly for both me and Hubby. Insha'Allah this will bring a better future for all of us. Amin.
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glam.mama said...

try pumping more often before classes start, just to build up stock :) that's what i did before starting my classes (although during the break i got lazy and now i am going crazy re-stocking!).

also, both my boys didn't take to bottles. since Khairaldin is old enough now, introduce straw/sippy cups instead. for our boys, they preferred that method of drinking, and also I prefer that I don't have to wean them from the bottle :)

JumpSac Baby® Slings said...

Great news!! All d best to you. U know what, my boy refuses the bottle of EBM ard 1 yr 4 mths (I think). And now mmg dah tak minum botol. he minum via cup using the straw. And he minum direct from the air kotak dutch lady milk tu as well. dunno whether i should start reintroducing the bottle or should I just let it be, so that takyah worry to wean him off the bottle later on. And dunno whether I'm depriving him from 'sucking' action or not hehe (coz u know I am the only 'teat' he's depending on now). Oh ya, btw, agree w adrin, stock up now. If not nanti pening if stocks run low along the way..