Saturday, May 29, 2010

Choices in life...


Everyday in our life we ought to make a choice. From the moment we wake up we've already made a choice by choosing to wake up. Then it comes to whether we should shower, what clothes to wear etc etc. It's impossible to not choose at all in a day. Making a choice in our everyday life give us the feeling of ownership. After all, the word in itself means 'power, right and liberty'. Before making a decision one should have a plan in order to make it work. Prophet (peace be upon him) once said "there is no intelligence like planning." Of course when you have made a decision and feel the ownership, you would feel that you've accomplished something without having to listen to anyone else.

Ever since I gave birth to Khairaldin I have been the decision maker on how to bring him up. I was the one who chose to cloth diped him, babywear him and last but obviously not least, breastfeed him till he's 2 years old, Insha'Allah. Obviously, I consult Iskandar first to make sure he's okay with the decisions I make. Before I consult him, I prefer to list the pros and cons to him so that he can see my point of view. This has worked well for us. We make the choices and feel great when it's all accomplished. If we make a decision and feel rather unhappy about it, that's maybe because we don't own the choice. So we abandoned it.

Anyway, I chose to blog fairly recently only because I wanted to share my experience as a newly Mom and Wife. As you can see my entries are mostly about parenting and relationship. So when I write, it's all from my personal experiences and thoughts. Viewers could either like it or hate it, for all I care. However, when I write my entries, never have I had the intention to sound cocky, high up and everything negative. I always write with a POSITIVE energy and mindset. Like all my entries, I would like it to relate to Islam in such a way because it is difficult to get info on Islamic parenting and relationship on the web. Since internet is THE form of communication nowadays, I thought I might as well write something so that people can read up on it. There is also a Hadith from Al-Bukhari: Prophet (peace be upon him) stated "Convey from me, even if it be one ayah." and also another from At-Tirmidhi: "Whoever points in the direction of goodness shall be (in reward) like those who act upon it." Speaking of which, I was really grateful to know that some people looked up a few keywords on google about Islamic parenting and they ended up on my blog. Alhamdulillah. I'm really glad to know that and it only makes me wanna read more and blog about it. Insha'Allah, I will continue to do just that :)

Back to my point, my entries are all meant to be positive, unless it's a personal rant which I go through once in a blue moon. And obviously I won't relate anything Islamic to my rants! Haha It's ok, you'll know when I'm ranting because I'll let you know before hand to not waste your time reading it. Of course being a writer or blogger you can't expect everyone to like your entry. You'd be incredibly great writer if you can win everyone's heart. I have always been ready for criticism, because I'm not a qualified writer. However, when people have the rare idea about me trying to show off about my life, that's just ridiculous! I think when you read a blog, you have to set a mindset to it since you can't hear how it's being delivered. Even if the writer writes it in a positive way and you seem to have a negative mindset, that's just you not the writer. Some people might think that I am bragging about getting the chance to breastfeed my child till he's 11 months and counting. Personally, it's a choice! If you feel a negative energy from my writing all I can say is that, you had a choice and you definitely did not own up to your choice. That is why you feel everything everyone else do is wrong!

I for one do not follow the norm. So, that might even get some people's panties twisted because I chose to be different. My point is, you have a choice in this life you live in, if you choose to do something, make sure you own up to it! You can know that you are not owning up to your choices when you have a defensive attitude about people who do things differently to you. Don't ever judge someone for the choices they make but in fact, try to know why they make the choices in the first place. If you really can't grasp their idea, don't comment on it!

So, keep reading if you want to but do it with a positive mind and heart. :)


Pink Stilettos said...

Iva, I love this post! Very well-written.

adlina said...

iva, i'm kak adlina your senior from zainab. a good friend of your kak nadia.i've been following your blog for quite sometimes and i love it so much and i learnt a lot from you (besides the fact that you are younger than me huhu)..and dear..i do not think that us blogging should be hatefully said and considered as bragging by certain 'negative+shallow' minded's our right to write and i personally write to polish up my skill of writing and in a way letting my brother who's living far away to read updates about me especially his nephew..and as for you..i really agree and am so with you for this entry..never thought of posting an entry for the sake of showing off but my posts came directly from my sincere heart..thoughts and opinions just for sharing..

*your posts are very well written indeed.and your entry on cheap chocolates reminded me on my favourite PENGUIN chocolates back when i was there.lucky you ~winkwink*

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Nicely written! I feel the same way about exuding positivity in blog posts =)

rajaiva said...

Wow! Alhamdulillah! I'm so pleased to know that you all find this post rather exciting. It was a spur of the moment entry, was in the car when I wrote this! :D

Glad to know we all read and write with a positive heart and mind. Insha'Allah I pray that many more people could see bloggers or writers point of view in a positive way :)

Kak Adlina- *blush* I do remember you! The prefects clan. hehehe I'm so glad to know you find my entries interesting and educational? heheh I'm also learning slowly and definitely will share and act upon it. Thank you for dropping by. Appreaciate it much :)

Btw, you were in the UK too before? Nice!

adlina said...

yes dear..i must say it is very educational for me in terms of parenting and how i review life..keep writing because you are so good at it!and yes,i followed my father when he got the chance to further his studies in Newcastle upon Tyne way back then fact my youngest brother (who died in my mother's tummy) was buried there..

take care dear..happy parenting and happy birthday to our sons!
*mine turns one today-1st of June*