Sunday, May 30, 2010


Do you believe that whenever you tell your plans out loud, it will somehow not happen? Well, I used to believe if you have good news, share it with everyone so that people will pray for it to come true. The more people you tell, the more prayers you'll get and Insha'Allah it will come true. That is when I was still naïve thinking everyone has good intentions in this world.

Recently, surprisingly when I had Khairaldin, I can really see people's true colour. Like, not everyone will or can understand your excitement. For instance, if I tell 'A' that Khairaldin is a good sleeper or such a good baby, Alhamdulillah, 'A' has the guts to turn to me and say "normally if they are a good baby, they'll grow up to be a very difficult/troublesome adult." Waheyy, thanks! But seriously?! Couldn't you just say "Alhamdulillah and hope he'll stay the same throughout."? Why do they need to have such thoughts, I seriously wonder.

That aside, now whenever I have good news I tend to keep it between direct family. Hoping that my family could feel my excitement and only pray for my wishes and dreams to come true. I've had enough of people telling me otherwise. Happy bubbles are not meant to be popped, thank you very much!

Sometimes I think I'm being too nice and people take it for granted that I don't have any feeling and would just smile to any statement being passed to me. Now that I have my own family, all I care about is my family's happy-ness. Call me selfish or whatever but in the end of the day, it's them who I will fall back to..where ever or when ever. :)

So, here's to many more secret posts and countdowns as sometimes I do need to vent out. Sadly, I can only do this via secret codes. If only the world have more kind people around, isn't it such a great place to live in? But I guess, this troubles are created so that we will turn back to Allah and pray for a better place hereafter.
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Shahirah Elaiza said...

Oh trust me, some people just don't like the sight of other people being happy! But at the same time, we cannot 'buruk sangka' <-- I hate it when people tell me that but it's the truth. Just thank Allah swt that you have been blessed in life and wish the same for others... that way you get 'pahala' =)

rajaiva said...

Indeed, Shahirah. We can't force people to understand. I do pray that everyone will be blessed in this life and hereafter. Insha'Allah. :)