Friday, May 14, 2010

Patience is about trusting and believing in Allah's plan :)

~Alhamdulillah Iskandar managed to get scholarship for his tuition fees!~

Before he enrolled for the course we're living on a month to month basis. We had some savings but were saving up for our trip back to Malaysia, supposedly in June 2010. When my Dad told him about this Masters course, it's like he couldn't resist it and had to enrol for it. So reluctantly, I said ok for him to use the savings as we had enough money for the down payment. However, his total fees is £6200 we didn't think about how to get the rest of the money but insisted that he has to enrol for this intake. Along the way, we managed to ask people on how to get scholarships.

Since he's doing Masters in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management it's easier to get funds because it is considered as an Islamic studies course.
The thing about Islamic studies, there are always organisations that would willingly pay for Islamic related courses. So basically, we could get money from Zakat or other organisations that get donations from people for this type of situation (low-income). Alhamdulillah, we contacted an organisation and waited for agesss for them to reply. His determination was still there to finish up this course even though we haven't paid full fees. Also thanks to Markfield Institute for being rather laid back about students paying tuition fees to them. They're not pushy or wanting the money ASAP. From one term to another they'll wait for us to send the money. Alhamdulillah, after Iskandar's 2nd term, we got a reply from the organisation willing to pay the FULL fees. This happened just few weeks back and in time for Iskandar to concentrate for his final exams!!! Alhamdulillah.

The wait was well worth it! Even though it was a long time. Like I said, patience is all about trusting and believing in Allah's plan. We have worked hard and the least we could do was tawakal and yes, HE listens to our prayer and answers it when HE thinks the time is right. Alhamdulillah!!!

Since we've got extra money to spend now, seeing we don't have to pay any further fees, we have decided to go back to Malaysia from Sept - Oct!!!!! Insha'Allah. Khairaldin will be 1 year 4 months by then and we think it's about time we bring him back to visit the relatives and his long list of cousins! We're very excited coz it's been 1 year+ since our last trip. I was 6 weeks pregnant when we're last in Malaysia. So, we deserved this holiday.

I'm starting my long list of places to go and visit. I don't really wanna be in KL for the whole 1 month coz it's just too boring. So at the moment, we have Kelantan and Pangkor on our list of places. Would love some recommendations from all of you. Since it's the Monsoon season, I don't think we can do much. But we really can't wait any longer and think it's time we visit Malaysia! :) After all, I think this is gonna be our final visit for a very long long time because I'm planning to go for holiday else where next year. Kinda had enough of Malaysia but because my in laws are still there, we have to go back and visit once in a while :). With the money we have to spend to go to Malaysia, we can actually go to Morocco or somewhere we've never visited. Whilst Khairaldin is still small, I think it's best we bring him travel around (the world? Hehe) Insha'Allah. :)

So friends, you know who you are, you girls are definitely on my list of people I MUST visit! I'm excited to meet all of you again and this time with my baby tagging along. Please pray that everything goes smoothly from today onwards. Amin!!
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glam.mama said...

I am so excited! Good things come to those who wait ;)

We MUST meet!!!