Monday, May 10, 2010

Facebook is evil! (At least to me)

I am taking steps to control my addiction to Facebook! Never thought I would be saying this about a social networking website! Personally, I think it's too much. I'm on there almost everyday and very frequent!

So, what am I gonna do? I'll blog rather than checkout people's profile. It's just bad coz some of the profiles, I just hate to see! Instead of backbiting people, I'll just blog about something beneficial. Which I have loads! Instead of reaching for my blackberry to check Facebook, I'll grab a book instead. Instead of sitting at the PC, I'll sit on the floor with Khairaldin and play with his toys.

After 10 months of physically being with him day and night, I still feel like I'm missing something from his life. I don't know what but for sure I'm gonna redeem the time wasted.

Btw, I will still check BUT not as often :) I still have to update pics for my in laws. So, you'll still see pics of us every now and then. I'll just do it monthly rather than having an album for every single occassion.

Sounds fair enough? Definitely!

Khairaldin, I'm sorry for constantly being on Facebook and sometimes let you play on your own. I will definitely play with you a lot more time than I've been on FB. You'll know what it is one day, and when that day comes, I hope you will not ignore me whenever I call you. The addiction is just ridiculous. But I will let you experiment and find it out for yourself. As for now, I'm gonna spend time with you. I love you and I would change my life to suit yours, Insha'Allah.

Ps: blogging is different coz I do it when you're sleeping and very late at night ;)
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