Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The best addiction ever, ever!

I'm addicted to my 'baby' boy! I can watch him all day long! I guess that's why I'm a SAHM. ;) funny thing is, I don't feel like he's a baby ever since he can sit on his own. He looks so big & independent! Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, he's slowly trying to crawl. Getting there eventually, Insha'Allah. Everytime he hears my parents' voice he'll look at the door and wanting to crawl. I can imagine the madness once he can crawl from one room to the other. But I definitely can't wait for that to happen. He's just so precious :)

He's such a good boy it's unreal! I'm trying to get him to sit next to me everytime I pray because my parents are going back to Malaysia for 6 weeks. So it'll be easier for me to 'monitor' him. And guess what, he's in the same seating position from when I start till finish praying. Brilliant! So far no climbing and wanting horsey kinda thing. Hehehe

Anyhoots, just a short update before I start with my longer posts. Hehehe don't wanna tire you all ;)

PS: Khairaldin, you're a gem :)
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