Saturday, February 20, 2010


I love taking picture of Khairaldin when he's asleep. He looks so angelic and ahhhh, just make me wanna hug him real tight!

He's now officially slept on his own bed. But I definitely miss having him in between us. :( He's bed is just next to mine but it's just not the same. When he's sleeping next to me, he loves to come realllllll close. I love it! So I make it a must that he sleeps with us on the bed during his morning/afternoon nap.

My boy has grown so much! He's taking most of the space on our bed that's why we don't let him sleep in between us at night. Or else, we'll wake up with sore back and neck. But the few hours we get is more than enough to overcome our 'missing' him period :)

Enjoy the pics!

Ps: will update about the contraception 'story' soon. Just need to get my facts right :)
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KambingBujang said...

cptnya khairaldin tdo asing ngn iva. khuda bler amirul nk dpt BB ni jer br tdo katil dier slalu gak panjat katil kiteorg menempek.

rajaiva said...

iva pun tak igt bila dia start tido on his own bed. kalau tak silap after 5-6 months dah tido sendiri kot. katil kat UK ni kecik sgt compared to Malaysia. that's why terpaksa put him on different bed. but malas jugak nak seperate bila dah besar nanti. susah! heheh