Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Compliments... Not my forte.

Whenever I upload pictures of Khairaldin on Facebook, I definitely don't expect people to give compliments on it. Because I know without a doubt babies are the cutest thing alive! So whatever or however they pose they'll still end up looking adorable. Most of the pictures on Facebook is mostly for my family members to view + my in laws. My father in law to be precise will ask if there's any new pictures of Khairaldin if I don't upload any for more than 2 weeks. So yeah, imagine how often I have to upload. Hehehe Thank god for the super fast internet in the UK!

So, if anyone asks whose look Khairaldin inherits most, I could never answer 'me'. The only reason is because people find him soooooo adorable and if I say he looks like 'me' it is like I'm trying to compliment myself. Errk! It just doesn't sound right. Well at least for me it doesn't. Personally, I see more of Iskandar in Khairaldin than I see myself. The only thing he inherits off me is probably my skin colour and chubby cheeks. :D Here's my other pet peeve: mothers who would go 'cute/pretty like her Mommy right?' Haih! I mean, if people wanna compliment you obviously they'll say it to your face. I just find it irritating. Give your baby some space to get the compliments. You already had your chance.

Now I'm just so used to people asking me about Khairaldin one too many times :) It' like once he was born, people aren't too bothered about the parents and all eyes are on him. Yeay! I love it! Butttttt once in a while, it's nice to get those 'How are you doing?' msges. And then followed by 'How's Khairaldin?' Hehehe but hey, anything goes!

Alright, the other reason I'm writing this entry is because I'm having writer's block and it's because of compliments. :s My eldest bro & youngest bro actually told me to my face that "you can write! And I do read your blog nowadays". Before, they thought my writings were rather hmmmmm boring? But now they're actually reading it and just made me feel all butterfly inside. Hehehe I know! It's weird of me but never have I imagined my brothers who are living close to me would actually read me blog. Gah! I guess I'd have to start writing boring only for Mommies type of entries ey? Hehehe

Well above it all, I'm very pleased that they told me so because it actually boost my confidence to write more. For the time being though, I am still having writer's block. I think it's partly because I haven't got any new pictures to stick on here to let my writing flow. I normally make stories out of the pictures taken. Now I understand why bloggers carry compact cameras with them, everywhere! It's a way for them to tell their story, and I'm definitely one of them.

Till then fellow Mommies (and Daddies?) I'll blog again with some beneficial story :)
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