Friday, February 05, 2010

MEd in Islamic Studies

Just found out that the MEd I planned to do was not as beneficial as I presumed it'd be. The reason I wanted to take the MEd was because I wanted to go into teaching. My Dad just told me that this particular course was more for Imaams and Ustazah like. So since I need thorough training to become a teacher in the UK, this course is definitely not for me.

My life doesn't end here though :) I thought that was the best route as it was a combination of Islamic with it. But since it doesn't get me to the route I wanted, I guess I have to settle down with conventional Unis. Looks like I have to apply for a 1 year course which is definitely the route to becoming a teacher. The problem is now, I'm not sure what subject I wanna teach. At the moment I'm looking at enrolling for courses that concentrates on children aged 5 to 13.

The enrolment ends soon so I have to decide a.s.a.p. The courses start in September though. In the mean time, I still have loads of planning to do. :) Teaching is the only job I don't mind doing even if it means I have to get up at early hours.

So Khairaldin, you have another year to hang around with Mommy Insha'Allah. Aren't you the luckiest? :)
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