Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lose weight or lose fats?

Before I got pregnant, I've always wanted to lose some weight because I know I will put extra weight on. :D My pre-pregs weight was 45kg and I've been this weight since 19 years old. During secondary school my weight ranged around 40-42kg. Yes, that skinny!

When I first met Iskandar I was around 40ish kilos. Then few months after we got together I put on some kilos, I've never been under 45kg ever since! Poor him, I thought! He went out with this skinny girl then suddenly she's put on a lot of weight. Being in a LDR made it impossible for him to see my gradual weight gain. We only see each other once a year for 3 months; Summer hols. We went out for 6 years before we decided to get married. Everytime when I tell him I want to lose weight and be the girl I was when he first met me (which coincidentally was 8 years ago, today!! :), he instantly said "NO! You were too skinny and looked rather fragile". *gasp* I thought that he was with me because I was small! LOL! Apparently that's not the case.

During my 9 months pregnancy, I put on almost 12-15kgs. Six months after Khairaldin's birth, I managed to go down till 50kg. Which accordingly I am in a good BMI range. But I am still not satisfied! Obviously I moaned and groaned about my weight but not wanting to do anything about it, let alone light exercises. So Iskandar told me, "it's not your weight that you're having problem with but it's the fats you've put on around your waist, bum and thighs." True enough. Even though I've gone down to 50kg, I still felt sluggish and tired. Iskandar said that my only option was to workout to burn those fats. I'm aware of the many diet pills or diet products available out there but I'm not too keen of it's health "benefits" (or lack of in some cases). I've got this mindset whereby, if it's really that good, why isn't it being prescribed by the doctors? So, that is why I'd rather workout to get the euphoric feeling :) I also always tell myself that the reason I wanna workout is because I wanna keep myself healthy. Allah has given me this perfect body, mind and soul for me to worship Him. If I become unhealthy it would be difficult for me to worship Him :( That's why I try my very best to keep myself healthy.

Right, what is the difference between losing weight and losing fats? When I talk about losing weight before, I meant, 45kg and below on the weighing scale. But little did I know, whatever is shown on the weighing scale isn't what I should be judging my weight by. You see, numbers on the weighing scale is the weight for everything, internal organs, bones, water, fats, blood etc etc. It is impossible for us to know what each and every one of these weigh, if we knew the weight then it would be easier for us to estimate how much fats are stored in our body. You could get the weighing scale to show numbers that you wanna see by just going on any type of diet. I've tried Herbalife before and it definitely brought me down to 43kg, for a while. Once I stopped, I was back to my 'old' self. As for mental and physical, it didn't change much. I still had some flabs and sometimes I become even more tired because the amount of food consumed was not enough. So now, when I say lose weight, I mean I wanna see myself in better shape - physical, mental and health wise. Insha'Allah.

So, when Iskandar told me about 'losing fats' I started reading on ways to burn fats rather than burning weight. Like I said, you can take the easy way out by going on a meal replacement diet and get the 'weighing scale' figure that you want. However, you might still end up with 'love handles', 'saddle bags' etc because what you're losing might only just be water and not even fats! My research have then pointed me to the right direction on how to actually burn this excessive fats that's been put on along the years.

Wanna know my way of losing fats instead of weights? Then follow me on my next entry with a full workout regime! :) Insha'Allah.

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KambingBujang said...


exercise = losing fat
control diet = losing weight

exercise + control ur food intake = u lose weight and fat..