Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Countdown to Khalid Khairaldin's FIRST birthday!

Insha'Allah in seven days time, my baby boy will enter toddlerhood. :) I can't believe how much he's grown! Alhamdulillah I managed to be with him 24-7 since the day he was born. To see him from a very dependant baby up to his independent self, such an awwwww moment! All thanks to Allah for the life he's given me. I would not trade it for anything else.

Anyway, to welcome his FIRST birthday, I am going to post my Facebook status whilst I was pregnant for the next few days. It's just for me to ponder on how much my life has changed ever since I got him. Sometimes I forget that he never existed in my life until just recently.

So, lets start with January 2009 status:
(by the way, I didn't remember all these. It was an app of FB)
don't wanna get out of bed but baby's STARVING!!!!!!!! *snuggles*
is doing some research on cloth diapering. There's too manyyy cute diapers to choose from! Any Mommies out there can point me to the right direction? :-)
are contemplating on whether or not to know the baby's sex! Hmmmm...
craves for sugarcane drink. Oh no!
reckons Hubby's getting all the pregnancy symptoms. Throwing up every now and then, that can't be right ;-(
can't believe she's half way through the pregnancy and still haven't bought a SINGLE baby stuff!!!!!!! Arghhh. The technical part is too complicated!!!!!
shopping for baby's stuff sooooooooooooonnnnn! insha'Allah Can't waiiiiittttt. :-D

February 2009 status:
-when emotional takes control, I refuse to eat. (Chocs doesn't count! haha)
cant wait to see the baby again!!!!!! Few more days to go!!!! (Even though it's just a scan, we're super excited!)
is excited for no reason! hehehe :-D Hormones I tell you, hormones!
can start deleting stuff on the baby to buy list! Colour theme: YELLOW!!!!! Can't wait to get baby's crib and paint it YELLOW! woot wooots! :-D
feels so healthy! Haven't done "proper" housework for agesssss. But should really slow down as her back's hurting :-(
is starving but don't know what to eat! Wish I've got cravings like Hubby at least I know what I SHOULD eat. hmmph
can't wait to see their baby!!!!! Wonder what other tricks he/she's got to show Mommy & Abah! ;-)
is glad that the Sonographer didn't ask whether we wanted to know baby's sex or not! If not,We woulda changed our mind.As of now, still UNKNOWN! :-D Soz guys!
is recuperating mentally. Thanks for the well wishes. It happened for a reason. :-)
is a full time housewife & soon to be mother..........starting next week. :-)
was one of the many made redundant this week. Looking on the bright side, it is blessing in disguise :-)
is looking forward to her "days off" so she can start researching on baby stuff. :-)
can't seem to sleep when Hubby goes off to work. Hmmm. Miss him dearly even though he's away for only 4hrs a day!
's room now smell of baby stuff! Thanks to the Jaguars for the hamper. :-)
is loving all the cloth diaper prints! It's sooooo cute! We're spoilt with choices. Arrgh!
can now settle down and enjoy the weekendsssss!..... at least for the next 6 months!
is in her 3rd trimester!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited & scared at the same time. :-|

Looking back, I'm so glad how I took everything so positively during my pregnancy days as it really reflects on Khairaldin now. :)


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