Friday, June 11, 2010

Surprise surprise!

I am planning a very FIRST giveaway on my blog for the 16th of June, to celebrate Khairaldin's first birthday!!!! Stay tuned to find out how you AND your baby can win/grab something from Khairaldin and family. ;)

Continuing the countdown (5 days to gooooo!) Btw, I'm not sure how I could actually missed a day! LOL!

March 2009 status:
is disappointed she can't go for "the walk" she'd longed for!!!!! Rain rain go away for a bit please.. :-(
can't believe it's still freezing cold in March! She can't fit into any of her Winter jacket. Please let the Sun shine. :-D
went for "the pregnancy walk". Expects to be massaged and definitely not walk anymore for the next 24 hrs. HAHAHA :-D Bliss.
is having sleepless/restless nights already!!!! Tummy's getting bigger by the hour.
is craving for Froot Loops cereals! I can't believe they don't sell it in the UK! And on EBay it costs almost GBP15. RIDICULOUS!!!!
100 days to go, Insha'Allah!!!!!!!!! WOAH!
's belly now measures 36 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!! +- 14 weeks to go. WOWWEEEE!
is up waiting for post to arrive. Can't wait to get ALL of the baby's parcel. Slowly building the nest for baby :-))
-lovely lovely weather! We're going for a walk round the neighbourhood. :-)
woke up at 7:30a.m. just to have breakfast and now going back to sleep till hubby gets home! :-D
are addicted to the Waterbirth clips on Youtube! We're definitely giving it a go for this baby, Insha'Allah :-) Hope we will be able to do so.
has got to refrain herself from watching CSI(s), Law & Order(s) and all other crime stories bcoz she's been having nightmares of her being kidnapped etc etc :-(
is so bored and she decided to spring clean part of the house. Haishh.
is amazingly knackered!!!!!!!!!!! i'm off to bed, again!

So so so, be here on the 16th of June so that you can win some goodies! Ok, it's not really 'winning' as it won't be a competition. More like, to grab some goodies! :) See ya tomorrow, Insha'Allah.


nurinkhairi said...

hi there!
blogwalking from sheffield :)

rajaiva said...

hi! thanks for dropping by :) hope u enjoyed your 'stay'. hehe