Monday, June 14, 2010

2 days to 1!!

How time flies, before you know it, Khalid Khairaldin will be ONE year old Insha'Allah. This time last year, I was already at the hospital with slight contractions and show of blood. Was sent home seeing that it was only 2cm dilation but later when we got home contractions became more obvious. :) I can still remember EVERY single detail of it. It is something I have been waiting to experience. NATURAL BIRTH! Alhamdulillah.

But where were we on Facebook April and May last year? Here goes.....

April 2009 Facebook status

is not feeling well- nauseous and light headed!! :-( Gosh I feel like throwing up. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
-not sounding like a bulimic but all I need now is to make myself sick and I'd definitely feel better. But I haven't got the courage to do so :-(
just got back from the GP. Thanks to Kudin's car for the early morning "workout". My bi&triceps are visible now :-P
WOOHOOO! +- 80 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!! And baby's kicks & hiccups are getting more obvious by the hour. *Gulp* I enjoy being pregnant. :-D.
is starving! It's unreal. hahaha
can't be bothered to run errands! erghhhhhhhhhhh... but we HAVE to!
is loving the feel good factor after working out (read: Eliptical for 20 mins! that's a lot for a pregnant lady! Hahaha) ;-P
millies cookies, krispy kreme doughnuts, b&j choc fudge brownie, kitkat chunky, m&ms peanuts, to be continued. AGHHHHH! Why am I having sweet tooth like... NOW??????! Please don't give in, it's not good for "our" health.
feels sorry for Hubby whenever he can't experience baby's hyperactive kicks (read: the ones that are visible not touchable!) Wishing baby will be as hyperactive throughout this long weekend. :-)
planned to save up this month so no outings during the long weekend. Unfortch, we ended up on Ebay and spent quite a bit! Hahaha But it's ALL baby's stuff and at such a bargain, guess it's ok? :-D
:-) truly blessed.
gets easily annoyed with parents who act like they're their daughter/son's age (mainly teenagers and above)! Please it's pure disgusting. Act your freaking age for once!!!! Euwwwwwww!
such a brilliant weather! :-)
have been watching Ahmad Deedat's clips on Youtube and seriously, we can't get enough of him! He's superb in so many ways. Masha'Allah.
can't wait to try out Dunstan Baby Language! Anyone tried it before? Is it really that "easy"? haha
soooooooooooooooo sleeeeeeeeeppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :-(
-apparently it's stretch mark! at 32 weeks? can't imagine how many marks to go! *joyjoy*
are on a mission this weekend. need to find Yellow paint for baby's crib. can't seem to find any baby-safe paints so far, argh!!!! help!!
almosttttttttttt there.
should refrain from making silly promises with herself like....walking to Oadby! hahahaha I CAN DO IT!!!! :-D
approx 7 weeks to go! gonna seriously enjoy this last few "direct contact" moments with the baby! but, definitely can't wait to wear proper jeans again! :-D
gonna have a really good night sleep after all the walking we did today! woot!
is holding on to Hubby's words- "Krispy Kreme this weekend!" No more walking weekend (Ok, that's my words hehe).
-5a.m and I'm already starving?????
thinks there's something wrong with her tummy. she's constantly starving! had breakfast, brunch, lunch... and still i'm hungry! :-S not gooodddddd.

May 2009 Facebook status

's back hurts sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is STILL scooting around for Yellow paint, it has to be Organic & for woods!!!!!!!!!! I've 6 weeks to go Insha'Allah. Need them paints A.S.A.P! Any ideas where I can get it from?
6 days to our FIRST antenatal classes!!!!!!!!! Can't waiitttttttt :-D
is spring cleaning Kudin's room as we're "shifting" in there next month. Hahaha I wonder if I've enough time with the state it's in right now ;-P
are all ready to paint baby's crib tomorrow!!! But looks like the weather's not ready for our hard work haha.
can't wait to see the outcome on baby's crib!!!!!!!! yellow mellow :-D
is taking the day reallllllll slow today. everything hurts :-(
will be attending their FIRST antenatal class today and hopefully final THREE appointments with the Midwife. Woah! It is so happening, ain't it :-|
is blissfully excited to give birth rather than anxious! can't wait for the day to come, Insha'Allah :-)
is excited coz her in-laws will be here on the 20th June!!!!!!!!! Someone to look after us when baby arrives, Insha'Allah. :-D Couldn't ask for more.
+- 30 days to go!!! Wowweee!
is it normal to feel choked up AND guilty EVERYTIME hubby does something nice to you? Or is it just the "hormoneS" at 36 weeks pregs?
wants a really MOIST chocolate cake! Ok Gateau would do too.. for now.
-hubby's not feeling well :-( fever & nose bleed. is he feeling the labour pressure already. hmmmmm...
final Antenatal class from 7-9p.m. Looks like someone won't be watching the CL finals. awww, poor thing! Things we do for the li'l bub. :-)
is hoping this will be her final weekend rearranging stuffs around the house! need some rest....(not that I haven't been doing just that!)

Insha'Allah tomorrow I will be getting the giveaway giftS! :) Remember to be "here" on the 16th of June to celebrate Khalid Khairaldin's FIRST birthday. Not only will Khairaldin be getting presents but you, my readers, could easily grab some gifts as well!!!!! :)

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NadZ said...

wow Iva!ur son is going to be one less than 24 hrs!time reallyyyy fliessss!!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah, happy for you! take care and have a nice day! :)