Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday party preparation... No fun!

I have been superrrrrrr busy and I'm not liking it a tiny li'l bit! Remember how I wanted Khairaldin's birthday to be small and closed? Well I achieved that but having a huge family to begin with doesn't help that much. Heheh I've been super busy preparing stuff for his party which is not more than 15 guests and I'm already shattered! Out of that 15, 7 of them are family members! Hahaha so that's why I didn't bother to invite anyone else. However, since I'm staying with my parents, it's only fair for them to also invite some of their friends. So Mom's invited her friends and Dad's only just invited the neighbours. That's how the 15 came about.

I've told myself that from next year onwards, all I'm gonna do is to bring the family out for dinner and then just do absolutely nothing at home or in bed!!! Parties are fun and all but having to prepare the stuff is definitely not all that. I thought doing BBQ was an easy way out since I can't be bothered to cook. But apparently there's just as much work to do as cooking!! So, never again!
(But never say never). We are only doing this because we've always had Summer BBQ ever since I can remember. Since Khairaldin's born in Summer, we continued this tradition till now. Past 7 years it was my brother who held the BBQ for his daugther's birthday but since Khairaldin's birthday comes first, we decided to hold it this year. :)

Anyway, the only thing I hate about the preparation is that I have to be away from Khairaldin for a while. Imagine 3 hours away from him just today. I felt so guilty!!! It's okay baby boy, I'll let u redeem that 3 hours by waking up every now and then to "feed". He's always been with me allll the time and having to let Iskandar take care of him just makes me feel so bad.

Here's a promise to myself, birthdays are meant to be a day to spoil the baby with lots of love, big cuddles and kisses!!!!!!!! Not in the kitchen for 3 hours! :( So, from now onwards, just stay in bed and reminisce the fond memories. :)
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Shahirah Elaiza said...

Hi hun, I'm sure the party will be a blast!

I love that you put so much effort into it because events planned with love are sooo much more special, just like food made with love =)

Kisses for the little one!

rajaiva said...

Thanks Shahirah!

Alhamdulillah it went well in spite of the tired-ness! Really enjoyed it but need to recuperate from the event. LOL! I sound like a 40year old lady. :|

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