Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Wowweeee! If only this time last year I knew exactly what time I was going to give birth to Khairaldin, the wait would be less anxious. No? Hehehe But anyway, this time last year, I was transferred to the labour ward. This was when I first experiences 'laughing gas' and oh yeah, I did laugh and chat a lot with the student midwife! They were so kind to actually entertain my jumpy self. hehehe

Now, Khairaldin's sound asleep on his bed and I'm gonna watch the clock to see what time he'll wake up. Does he know that it's his birthday today? Hmmmm. :)

So, the month of June 2009 Status

laid eyes on each other 7 years ago, today. Instantly fell in love and still falling in love each and every second of their life. And who would've thought that we'd be bless with a child in the same month Insha'Allah. God works in mysterious way ;-) Happy
- loving the BRIGHT YELLOW crib!!!!!!!!! Our hard work paid off :-) Now just waiting for the li'l bub to "arrive". Insha'Allah. Prayers are very much appreciated. XX
have been feeling restless and upset for no apparent reason! Need to go out and get some fresh air. (rimasssssss!)
loves the Sunshine but need some HEAVY RAIN right about now! It's tooooooooo hot and we can't stand it :-(
is getting fussier at eating & not in the mood to eat her own cooking :-( anyone wanna invite us out for lunch/dinner this whole weekend? no rice please. kthx! ;-)
can live on fruits (inc. juices & smoothies) & vegs right about now! but forcing ourselves to eat just in case we've to go into labour. NEED TO BUILD THEM ENERGY!!!!!!!
haven't had rice for 2 days and it FEELS GOOD. Best thing is,it's not us doing the cooking & cleaning up :-) Can't get used to this. erk.
reality just kicked in that we won't be going anywhere this "Summer Hols"!! Maybe London would be the farthest for us :-( NO FUN! On the bright side, looking forward to our little Sunshine keeping us occupied all day AND night, Insha'Allah.
praying that today will be my last check up with the Midwife. "Please engage by now baby." :-)
baby's engaged!!!!!!!!! Could be anytime NOW or even later if baby is too clingy with Mommy. And baby's still got "plenty" of space to grow in tummy. Gotta eat loads to fill up the space. hehe We're so excited. Do pray for us. Amin.
will be attending a Cloth Diapering/Baby event tomorrow, our first ever! Hopefully they've got nice & cheap CDs. :-D

:):):):):):):) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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